Marie’s Biography

I think I finally got a biography hashed out for Marie.  I must admit, my knowledge of Pre-Revolutionary France (and Revolutionary France, for that matter) is next to nil.  I reserve the right to tweak her biography as necessary to make it historically accurate.  (See right sidebar.)

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but HowDoYouSay is an excellent online translator.  I have used it when I need to have Marie speak French.  I have checked some of it back with people who speak French (including a native French-speaker) and everything I’ve gotten out of it appears to be accurate.  I just wish it did Hebrew.  I need some Hebrew help bad.


September 29, 2010 – More Character Pictures

A friend at work is reading my book and giving me feedback.  I was showing her the pictures I had collected of people who resemble my characters, and realized I had never gotten around to putting up Kalyn and Micah’s pictures.  So, here they are.


The young woman is Astrid Berges-Frisbey, a French actress who will be staring in the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie (as a mermaid, apparently). 

The man is actually an author, not an actor, by the name of Jonathan Safran Foer (I find it rather humorous that when I finally find a picture of a guy who looks like Micah, it turns out to be a writer; it just seems fitting somehow).  Obviously Micah doesn’t wear glasses, though (although why don’t I look cute like this in glasses?). 

The Most Wasteful Thing I Do Each Day

Driving The Volvo

Commute. Although my commute is 15 minutes or more shorter, each way, than it used to be (that allows me to recover a minimum of 30 minutes of my life everyday). And there are times when I appreciate the solitude of my car–it allows me to think about my book and my characters. But when you get right down to it, driving a car anywhere is a waste of time. And, oh yeah, the environmental impact.

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September 28, 2010 – New Page

I have added another page to the right sidebar.  This one addresses the differences between custom and law among the vampires. 

I had a look through my “vampire bible”–as I call it–last night, but that’s going to take quite a bit of work before I can post it.  In fact, I’m pretty well going to have to start over, using what I made years ago as just a starting point/reference.  I hope to get started on that this weekend.  And if you are wondering what on earth I mean by “vampire bible” I mean those writings which they view as scripture.  It is from these writings that they get the injunction to not drink animal blood.  Most of their laws and customs are based on what was written in their scriptures.  Also, the scriptures tell of how they came to exist (the story that Joshua tells Kalyn in Jerusalem, but in a little more detail).

About the High Council

I added a new page which covers what functions the five people on the High Council perform (see right-hand sidebar).  In the next day or two I will add another page that will detail what the Council (both High and Low collectively) does and how it functions. 

Only a small amount of this information ends up in the books, but I had to sit down and figure it all out so that my characters do things in a logical way and everything functions consistently.  I actually have quite a bit of background information on my vampires, and will be adding more as I have time to finish cleaning it up.

September 25, 2010 – New Pages

I have taken some old posts which give very detailed information about my vampires and have added them to the right sidebar (they are also on the black bar at the top of this page, but that may disappear when I change themes).  This makes information on the books and the characters easier to find; you don’t have to hunt through all of the posts.

In addition to putting those older posts up, I have also added a never-before-seen page of information on the Function of the High Council.