What’s More Important – Where You Live or What You Do For a Living?

Tennessee barn

Where I live, because that has a much greater effect on my happiness. A job exists to pay the bills and support my hobbies, so I can do almost anything anywhere, in that regard. But I like living in the rural South (or rural Ireland, if I really had my choice), where traffic jams are caused by tractors and escaped cows, and people are polite.

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2 comments on “What’s More Important – Where You Live or What You Do For a Living?

  1. steffiw says:

    I live in rural ireland,i would rather live in Tennessee!want to swap;)

    • Keri Peardon says:

      Absolutely! See, I think if you can find someone in another country with similar education/job skills who wants to country-swap, you should be allowed to for a contractual length of time. I can’t get a job in Ireland without a LOT of red tape, since Irish citizens and EU citizens must be offered the job first and not take it. But if I swap directly with an Irish citizen for, say, a year at a time, I think I should be able to hop right into Irish society and get all that persons’ rights and responsibilities–including being legal to work for that year without having the red tape. It’s a direct, one-to-one exchange. Neither country (or its respective citizens) is harmed by that kind of swap, because people of similar skills/education are being swapped. It’s like swapping vacation houses, but with people instead.

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