August 12, 2010 – True Blood

Between working at lunch and in the evenings, I have been editing one or two chapters of my book per day.  I got all of one and part of a second done during lunch yesterday, so I decided to take an evening off and watch a movie—now that our Netflix is reinstated. 

Unfortunately, my movie arrived broken, so that was scrapped.  But I had the first two episodes of True Blood there as well, so I watched that instead.  I have mixed feelings about it.  Several people I know told me it was worth watching, and it’s won critical acclaim, so I’m afraid the bar was set rather high—and it didn’t quite get that high.  But, it may get better as the series progresses; most shows do.  And there were certainly parts that I liked. 

Likes: Redneck/bubba vampires.  And grandmother who wants the vampire to give a talk at her Civil War roundtable (major score!  If vampires really existed, my MIL would do the exact same thing). 

Dislikes: Is it just me, or is Sookie oddly rude for an otherwise proper Southern girl?  She seems to laugh at Bill and/or his condition an odd amount.  I have to agree that “Bill” is a mildly amusing name for a vampire, but it’s almost certainly short for William which, to me, doesn’t seem odd at all, especially when you think about the time and place where he was born.  “Anselm” is an odd name, unless you know anything about medieval English history, and then you know that it wasn’t an uncommon name at all in 13th century England.  “Micah” might seem old-fashioned to most Americans, but Jewish people wouldn’t find it an odd name choice at all. 

Bill almost comes off as having a multiple personality disorder.  There are times when he is being very proper and 19th century Southern gentleman, and then there are times when he is almost as rude as Sookie and looking downright evil.  I’d understand it completely if he was polite with Sookie and hateful with most everyone else, but there are times when he comes off as angry or evil even around Sookie.  And if she had a lick of sense, she’d recoil from him at those times.  I suppose they’re out to show the conflict in him, between old human instincts/customs and his vampire nature, but I don’t think it comes off very well, and I think it’s a timing thing: he’s angry/dark at odd times.  And part of it might be that if Sookie had a normal reaction of fear to the times when he’s getting too vampire on her, that would make it work.  But there’s just a little something off.

Anyways, not enough dislikes to override the likes; I’ve got the next DVD in my queue.  I may get it Saturday, but I probably won’t have it until Monday. 

I will probably not get a lot of extra work done on my book this weekend because I desperately need to clean house, and I need to make something to wear to a medieval reenactment in a few weeks.  Yes, there is a life outside of my book.  How odd!


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