If I Could Have a Superhero Special Power

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The vampires in my book (https://keripeardon.wordpress.com/) have a number of powers, but as one of them points out, most of them are like Midas’s Touch—a double-edged sword.

For instance, never aging seems like a good thing, until you realize that you can’t have a relationship with someone very long before you either have to tell them what you are, or you have to leave; people will start to notice if you don’t age after a few years.

Never dying seems great as well, until you realize that everyone else around you ages and dies. And you can’t relax and let things change around you; you have to change constantly and keep up with the times. For example, how often do older people refuse to embrace a new technology (like computers or the internet)? They don’t HAVE to learn anything new; our society expects this of senior citizens and we make allowances for them. They have “earned the right,” by virtue of their years, to be a little stubborn and behind the times.

But people who never age or die do not have that luxury. If they refuse to learn something, it will only put them further behind; one day they will HAVE to catch up, or else live like recluses. For vampires, there are no golden years, where they can be retired, catered to, and respected. No senior discounts for them; no being courted by politicians. And no death to look forward to, to release them from the miseries of life.

Even photographic memory is cruel; you are able to recall every horrible thing that ever happened to you with perfect clarity. No memory ever fades or changes so it becomes easier to deal with.

So I think you have to be careful when it comes to wanting superpowers, because they all come with a price. Flying would seem great, but do you have to keep it a secret? If you do, it becomes a burden. For one, you’re suddenly limited in where you can go if you can’t be seen. Secondly, what happens if you see someone falling? Do you break your secret in order to save a life? If you don’t keep it a secret, won’t everyone be pestering you to fly them around or save people? If someone knew you could become invisible, would they try to force you into committing crimes for them? As the old saying goes, “be careful what you wish for.”

If I had to be saddled with a superpower, I think the one I would prefer the most is mind control. The drawback to being able to mess with people’s minds is that you hear their thoughts. This could put a serious crimp in friendships and love relationships, when you hear what people ACTUALLY think about you. But it’s probably the easiest superpower to keep secret, and you would have the ability to help others. The obvious job for someone able to control others would be as a law enforcement officer. It would be child’s play to get a gunman to drop his gun and surrender; to get people to give themselves up rather than fight and hurt others; to get jumpers to step back from the edge. You would be burdened with hearing other people’s thoughts, but you would have the opportunity to help and save many people, all without revealing yourself.

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