August 3, 2010 – Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here?

Is it just me, or should I be concerned about getting blog traffic from a website called “free sex movie?”  I mean, I know WordPress advertises on other, random websites who sign up for advertising revenue streams, but that’s probably one I’d rather they didn’t advertise my site on, you know?  It’s likely that the occasional hit I get from there is someone accidently clicking on the ad, but you have to wonder if they’re here looking for vampire porn?  I don’t know and I don’t want to know. 

I have set myself a deadline: draft my query letter and finish the edits/typo corrections for my book this month; September I will start sending out agent queries.  That’s the plan, anyways.  You all will have to keep me honest. 

I am really enjoying my new job in general-practice law.  I’m staying busy and learning all sorts of new things.  Hopefully this will be the last regular job I ever work; I hope to just phase out of this and directly into full-time writing someday.  I anticipate it being several years before I can be a self-sufficient writer, though.


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