July 17, 2010 – Character Pictures Coming Soon!

Today I heard from my friend, Ursus, who is going to be drawing pictures of my characters.  He asked to see who I had in mind for Anselm, so I sent him the pictures of James Caviezel this morning.  He’s starting to work on it!  I hope to have something from him pretty soon.  I was so excited this morning that I could barely be tolerated. 

I think I’m going to go with Audrey Tautou for Marie. 


I had an idea for my third book today.  Not really for the entire book, but for the ending (this will be the end of the series, not just the third book, mind you).  I’ve already played with the idea of having one of my prominent characters die at the end, but then I abandoned it, because I didn’t think I could really go through with killing said character off.  Well, now I’ve about changed my mind again.  I still think it works, for a lot of different reasons—the number one being that I don’t want it to have a perfectly happy ending.  I don’t want a depressing ending either, but I think a mostly good ending, shorn of perfection, is what’s needed.  I’m working on the epilogue for it right now; it will redeem the story a tiny bit, so it won’t end on a completely depressing note.  It will give hope that those who survived have moved on to happier times.

I may change my mind again.  There’s a lot of time between now and book three.  Not to mention there are still some holes in book two, and pretty much none of book three is written, except one scene of warfare, and the death of said mystery character.  Who knows how I might change my mind as things flow along.  The character might get a reprieve again.  Lord knows I sat here and cried while writing the death scene.  (Which, by the way, I hope translates into tears for my readers as well–if I keep it in; it’s a mark of good writing.)


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