July 16, 2010 – Oy! Good Jewish Men Are So Hard to Find

I am now obsessed with finding pictures for the rest of my characters. I thought I might have Marie sewn up last night, after looking at French actress Juliette Binoche, but I’ve about decided that she’s not quite right. I like the fact that Juliette is a little older, a little more mature (Marie is in her 30’s), but I want someone with a rounder face. That’s actually a problem I’ve been running into when looking at actors and actresses for pictures—many of them are just too skinny. It makes their faces very angular, which I find less attractive.

While people born in the middle ages (like Micah and Anselm) were very unlikely to be overweight, I still don’t think they would have had the sharply angular faces that we see today in Hollywood, when people hold themselves to an unnatural thinness. Tomb effigies—some of which were made from death masks—don’t support thin, angular faces (at least not among the class of people wealthy enough to afford a tomb effigy—and plenty of food). Queen Philippa of Hainault was downright pudgy in her latter years (of course the woman had 14 pregnancies, and her tomb effigy was based on how she looked in her early 50’s). Regardless, I’m looking for people who look real—like people you’d run across in Lenoir City, TN; not Hollywood’s warped sense of reality.

I had actually looked at Orlando Bloom for Anselm (Anselm is not a very large man, and neither is Orlando Bloom), but I decided he was just too thin; his face was too sharp. I like James Caviezel much better; he’s much more manly.

Anyways, as part of my attempt to find pictures, I have started trolling through Jewish dating sites. I told my husband this morning that, just in case he finds evidence of this on my computer, I am just looking for information, and hopefully a picture or two, for my book. I am not trying to pick up men. LOL. I just need a dark-haired, young, Jewish-looking guy, with a great smile to be Micah.

I do have pictures of people who look like Rose and Isaac, and I have a leading candidate for Joshua, but these are all people who I know (none of them well, actually; not friends) and not actors, so I won’t be posting their pictures online. You’ll just have to wait for an artist’s rendering of them.

For Ciaran, I have chosen the actor Damian Lewis (I know him from Band of Brothers, but he’s been in other things). Ciaran’s face is, again, rounder, and he’s freckled, but other than that, I think it’s a pretty close likeness. He’s not particularly good-looking, but he’s not bad-looking either. He certainly looks like your stereotypical Irishman.


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