July 16, 2010 – Memories………

Last night I was working on my second book, when I needed a tidbit of information I knew I had somewhere in my notes. I have a large, 3-inch binder, that I’ve had since college, which contains everything I’ve ever done for my book (including Incarnation Two). There are handwritten pages where I’ve worked out the Canite language (complete with conjugated verbs and everything); chunks of research on the Old Testament, apocryphal books, and various nomadic tribes related to the Israelites; my first draft of the Canichmeh scriptures (yes, biblical-style books); and pieces and parts of Incarnation Two.

Some papers fell out of the binder, and I picked them up and started reading; they were the first encounter between Anselm and Kalyn in Incarnation Two.

And, OMG, they were horrible! LOL. Didn’t stop me from reading, of course, but that was just out of curiosity; I’ve been so far removed from that story for so long, I didn’t even really remember how it went. Thank goodness when I started my book last November, I started over from scratch. Urgh, it’s embarrassing! It’s amazing what a difference 10 years can make in writing quality.


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