July 8, 2010 – Book Two is Coming Up Fast

I have been working on my second book like it’s been going out of style.  I had been getting a little worried about it.  I wrote quite a bit—enough for a book, actually—while I was writing the first book, but the plot wasn’t fully developed and there were some other things that weren’t fully developed either—like Anselm and Kalyn’s relationship, and exactly where I was going with Kalyn and Micah, and how Anselm and Micah were going to work that out.  I had let it sit for months and hadn’t felt inspired to write on it (that was the part that had me increasingly worried); I just didn’t know really what to do with it.

Then, in a writing frenzy, I started putting scenes to paper.  I’ve been writing about 10 pages everyday I’ve been home to write (which is the reason why I haven’t posted much lately; I haven’t taken the time).  I’ve been ditching the scenes I previously wrote and have been rewriting them.  Most of the plotlines are the same, but the scenes themselves, and the dialog, are so much better (probably because I know my characters better now).  I also know now where the book ends (the last chapter is written).  I still have work filling in some holes, but I at least have a pretty good idea of what goes in the holes.  I also have stuff to cut out, but that’s always the case with me; I always end up writing a lot more than I need.     

Another plus is that Micah is really starting to develop a depth to his character.  I had started to hint at it in the first book, with him occasionally showing a maturity that went beyond his normal façade (which looks and acts like 19), but now he’s really opening up into who I knew he must really be.  He and Anselm have been brothers (by choice) for about 500 years.  They haven’t put up with one another everyday for that long by being completely incompatible.  And I think I have finally gotten down to what Anselm sees in Micah—because Micah, when he’s being a tease and acting like he’s 19… there’s only so long that can go on before it becomes annoying.  It’s Micah’s ability to switch gears and think rationally and act like an adult when the situation calls for it that makes him and Anselm compatible.  Or, as Micah explains to Kalyn (when she specifically asks about this, because she’s noticed that they’re not much alike), Anselm keeps him responsible and mature, and he keeps Anselm from being a boring recluse.

I have always said that I don’t write my characters, they write themselves.  I still feel like this is true.  If it wasn’t, I would have had Micah figured out before now, because I would have pigeonholed him into being something specific.  But instead I just let him flow, and gave him enough scenes that he was able to work himself out.  And boy, when you let him lose, he can be a seductive little bugger.  When Kalyn tells him, in surprise, that he doesn’t seem much like himself, he says, “Didn’t think sweet, innocent little Micah capable of pushing your buttons?”  Well, no, actually.  Kalyn and I neither one saw that coming, because Micah has always played the fun-loving older brother role.  But, just as Kalyn has changed and has become older, so too has Micah.  Well, he really hasn’t changed, because he’s always been like this on the inside, but he’s letting it show more.  He used to think of Kalyn as his baby sister, and so he acted that way towards her.  Now, though, she’s something else to him, so that changes everything. 

Is it still a love triangle if everyone is willing?


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