June 23, 2010(b) – Witness This!

Oh, and as you may remember from one of my ranting posts several weeks ago, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have us marked on their regular route.  I had just gotten up this morning, and was sitting at the computer, when someone came by.  My husband, being somewhat dressed, went to the door to see who it was.  Yes, it was a Witness, inviting me to a Witness rally or something down in Huntsville, AL. 

I told them, the last time they were here that I’m an Episcopalian.  A regular, every-Sunday, church-going Episcopalian.  I asked my husband if they shouldn’t be working on the neighbors—whose religiousness is much more in doubt—first?  I mean, if you look at it in terms of total souls saved, you may or may not get credit for converting someone who is already a Christian, but you’ll definitely get credit for saving someone who isn’t one to start with.  So wouldn’t you want to start with the sure-things first?  My husband says they’d prefer to start with me because I’m already halfway converted; less work to do. 

I think maybe they should start on him; he’s not going to church.  But if he ever became a Witness, we’d have to make some sort of compromise about Christmas.  I’d be okay with not getting him a Christmas present, but he better get me one, and I will still put up a Christmas tree.  Birthdays we can probably do without celebrating these days.  I will go visit my family on Thanksgiving; he can stay here alone, if he wants to.


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