June 14, 2010 – I’m Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. Deville

I bet you have spent some time fantasizing about your future.  Surely everyone spends at least sometime thinking about what things would be like if they were president, a famous actor/actress, or what all they’d buy if they won the Powerball Lottery.

I sometimes imagine what my book would be like if it was a movie.  In fact, the action and dialogue in my book usually plays as a movie in my head, and I describe it as if I’m actually seeing and hearing it.  I have already looked at my book and thought, if this was going to be a movie, I’d cut this part and that part out, and maybe mash those two parts together, but I’d show this scene in the movie that’s not in my book because it only exists visually; it can’t be shown in a book.

Sometimes I have a soundtrack running in my brain while certain scenes happen in my book too.  “Don’t Stand so Close to Me” (the original version, not the remake) has got to be in the movie.  There’s a scene where Anselm is wrestling with his feelings for Kalyn and it’s clear he wants her but knows he shouldn’t.  What better song than that to play in the background while the scene is happening?  And it will be followed up by some action you don’t see in the book—namely just Anselm laying in bed, not sleeping and looking completely anguished while the song is playing.

I have already told my husband that if my book is ever made into a movie, I am going to take the first installment of my money for it and buy myself a house in Ireland.  That’s my real fantasy.  A little house somewhere in Connemara, painted a crisp white or some cheerful color, preferably with a thatched roof (although that’s not a deal-breaker), with a little postage-stamp sized yard of green, green grass, and some roses the size of dinner plates (as only they can grow on the west coast of Ireland). 

And in my backyard I want Connemara bog and a bog loch.  And I want to run a pipe out of the kitchen on the back of my house and into the loch, and I want to pump water directly out of the loch and into my drinking glass, because that’s the best water I have ever drunk.  And it’s pure.  Clouds, fresh from the Atlantic ocean, dump rain into the lochs just about everyday.  Nothing lives in them, so you don’t have worry about fish spawn or anything like that.  Just pure drinking water. 

Oh, and I have to pave my front sidewalk with Kilkenny marble, because Kilkenny was my hometown when I lived in Ireland in 2001.  Got to have some Kilkenny marble (besides, it’s much cheaper than Connemara marble because Kilkenny marble is actually limestone and Connemara marble is actually marble). 

It has to be within walking distance of a store and pub—which is pretty standard in Ireland, no matter where you are—because I won’t bother to own a car over there.  I want to walk to do my errands.  But other than that, I don’t have to have any civilization nearby.  I will go there to relax and write on my sequel novels and my sequel movie scripts and I’ll go slogging through the bog whenever I want.  I might even let my husband come visit me sometime. 

Although, if I could get a house near the Cliffs of Moher (especially if it came with a view), I’d not turn it down.


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