June 11, 2010 – Updates from the Trenches

Just to let you know, you can become a fan of me on Facebook (see right sidebar).  I would have made a fan page for my book, except I would have to be married to the title, and I’m still open for alternate suggestions.  I’d hate to build up a base and then have to shut the page down and make everyone sign up all over again for a book under a different title.  So everyone will just fan me, the author.  Also makes it easier when Books 2-6 come out, because I won’t have to have a different fan page for each.

You should “like” me on Facebook because it shows my future agent and publishing house that I’m popular and that people are keeping up with me as a writer.  Hmm, maybe I should have named it something more viral-like, so it would spread better on Facebook.  Maybe, “Like me so I can snag an agent for my first book!”

I wonder if there’s still time to rename?  Eh, screw it.  Like me anyways, damnit!

In other news, my artist friend has shown an interest in drawing for me.  I sent him a copy of my book to start reading through.  He was trained as a comic book artist, so I don’t think vampires are beneath him artistically; hopefully he will read it, say it’s awesometastick (my word of the week), and that he’d be happy to draw my characters for me… for a small fee of a velvet Elizabethan doublet and matching slops, or something such as that. 

What does my arch-villain von Gault look like?  Udo KierLike Udo Kier.  You may recognize him as Dragonetti from the first Blade movie, but I also spotted him in a vampire movie which was older than that (it wasn’t memorable, except for him; he’s a cool vampire).  In fact, it’s not a coincidence that von Gault looks like Udo Kier (isn’t that a cool name?) and is German; when I originally designed the character—back in Incarnation Two—I based him on Udo.  I’m afraid if this ever becomes a movie, though, Udo will be too old to essentially play himself, but maybe he and I can hang out at vampire-cons; he is apparently quite popular at them.  And he has such a wonderfully sexy voice and accent.  I wonder if he can say the same about my accent?  LOL.


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