Writing Exercise – It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Dog logic: They feed me, they pet me, they must be gods.

Cat logic: They feed me, they pet me, I must be a god.

Here’s your writing exercise for today, intrepid writers: write at least three pages from the point of view of either a cat or a dog.  You don’t have to subscribe to dog logic/cat logic if you don’t buy into it (although if you don’t, I would question if you have ever truly owned either animal), but it’s a place to start.  Your animal can be deeply intelligent, like Brain, the lab rat, or those pigs in Animal Farm (notice both of those animals are into social and/or world domination), or you can write a stream of consciousness piece on how you think your cat or dog really thinks.  If I had to write about my cat, Noh, it would go something like this:

What the hell is that?  Oh my God!  It moved!  Oh, wait, that’s just that woman’s foot.  I wish she’d quit scaring me with it.  I think I’ll sniff the scary thing, but I better stay as far back as possible in case it tries to get me.  It doesn’t smell any different from yesterday.  Did it look like this yesterday?  I can’t remember.  I think maybe it did.  I think it’s just the floor.  I know it didn’t use to be this color, though.  But maybe it was this color yesterday.  I guess I can walk on it.  The giant water dish is still here, I see.  I guess this is the same room it was yesterday.  Holy shit!  Flee, flee!  The giant water dish is mad and it’s about to eat me!

You get the idea.


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