May 23, 2010 – The Imuechmehah

Imuechmeh is pronounced EYEmoo-EACH-mehImu is a negative and translates into no, nothing or not, depending on the context.  Ech is a prefix meaning I/me, and meh means person; together echmeh makes a stand-alone pronoun which can be used in a sentence where I or me would be used.  Imuechmeh is literally not me, although the accepted translation into English is other.  So the Canichmehah are calling the new breed of vampires “others.” 

  • Imuechmehah are allergic to sunlight, which means they only come out at night (like a Hall & Oates song).  Being in the sun causes a rapid sunburn, and prolonged exposure (depending on the time of day and season, about 10 minutes) can cause third degree burns.  Exposure of 20-30 minutes can cause death.  This is a true allergy and has nothing to do with them being damned. 
  • They do not have a problem with holy ground or religious objects, because while many of them are not nice, they’re not, as a people (I guess that’s better termed “species”), damned.
    • Likewise they are unaffected by silver and running water and can enter any building with impunity.
  • They have strength, speed and healing powers on par with the Canichmehah.  They haven’t been in existence very long, though, so it’s not entirely known how long they will live.
    • They apparently can get sick, but this seems to happen very rarely. 
    • They are presumed to be sterile, but they’ve not been around long enough to answer that definitively. 
  • They cannot control minds.
  • They are not dead either, although their hearts tend to beat a little faster (still slower than even a human’s resting rate, though).  They also stop aging when they are turned.  No coffins here either (sorry to disappoint on that score). 
  • They drink blood once a week, but they also eat one or two very small meals each day.  Without real food they have to take blood every three days.  They do need both toilets and refrigerators.
  • They create others simply by biting them.  The vampire virus is obviously contained in their saliva, not just their blood.  What happens when they French kiss someone is questionable. 

The thing that should be remembered is that Imuechmehah aren’t inherently evil, but most of them turn out evil anyways.  As the old saying goes, you get out what you put in, or “better ingredients, better pizza, Papa John’s.”  Vampires of either ilk are pretty much who they were when they were turned.  If you were a nice guy when you are turned into a vampire, you will generally stay a nice guy.  If you’re an asshole when you are turned, you will generally remain an asshole.  Or get even worse.  Jerks who are given power tend to become even worse jerks.  The original crop of Imuechmehah came from the dregs of society, and they have purposefully not gotten any better.  Turning decent people like Ciaran is an accident.


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